Flying M Ranch - Ellensburg, WA - (509) 899-1139
Lady Ellensburg "Ellie"

All are reserved for 2018 - spring, 
then will be retired
Ellie whelped on 12/5/17.
All are DM free, vWD clear, and EIC clear.

The Boys
The Girls

Sheldon Cooper
Leonard Hofstadter
Howard Wolowitz
Amy Farrah Fowler


Ellie, artwork created by 
Shay D. Thank you Shay!!
They will be ready to go home on or about 
January 21, 2018.
All are sold.
Meet the Gang from the 
Big Bang Theory
If Corgis seem like magical dogs to you, you may not be surprised to learn that in Welsh folklore, they actually are magical. Legend has it that Corgis served as mounts for fairy warriors patrolling the forests of Wales. The pattern of a Corgi's coat is supposed to show the outline of the saddles and harnesses the fairies used to ride their Corgi steeds.
Health Information:
DM Affected (bred to Gunner, her pups are DM free)
EIC Clear
vWD Clear.
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