Flying M Ranch - Ellensburg, WA - (509) 899-1139
Call 509-899-1139 for more info on Josie:
Forest Frame Josie's Carolina Charm
Health Information:
DM Clear
vWD Clear
EIC Carrier - bred to Boomer or Sully, the puppies will be either a Carrier or Clear (either way, the puppies will not have this)
HU Clear
PRA-RCD3 Clear
OFA Hips/Elbows Certified

Josie comes from several champions (J.P. Sullivan, Neil Diamond and others). 
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Whelped 3 puppies on 5/21/2020

Next cycle due to start sometime between September and November, 2020
Chimichanga (Chimi)
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This is a YouTube of the 
pups on 6/28/2020

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