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Molly​'s Charm
Health Information:
DM Clear
vWD Clear
EIC Clear
PRA-RCD3 - clear

Molly was bred to Moon-Ka (a stud dog I raised and sold). Whelped on July 31st. 

Speedy (Thea Queen)
Spartan (John Diggle)
Green Arrow (Oliver Queen)

If Corgis seem like magical dogs to you, you may not be surprised to learn that in Welsh folklore, they actually are magical. Legend has it that Corgis served as mounts for fairy warriors patrolling the forests of Wales. The pattern of a Corgi's coat is supposed to show the outline of the saddles and harnesses the fairies used to ride their Corgi steeds.
Overwatch (Felicity Smoak)
The Canary (Sara Lance)
Black Canary (Laura Lance)
Litter expected to go home by September 18-25.
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