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Reba was born December 24, 2016. Her mother is Diamond and her dad is known as 'Snake'. Both have phenomenal bloodlines. 
She will not be in production until 2018.
Health Information:
DM Carrier
vWD Clear
EIC Clear
Fluff Clear
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If Corgis seem like magical dogs to you, you may not be surprised to learn that in Welsh folklore, they actually are magical. Legend has it that Corgis served as mounts for fairy warriors patrolling the forests of Wales. The pattern of a Corgi's coat is supposed to show the outline of the saddles and harnesses the fairies used to ride their Corgi steeds.
FF Red-Headed Ruff-N-Tuff Reba "Reba"
Reba just had her first cycle this month (August 2017). The plan is to breed her the next time around. She should be old enough then.