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Savannah's Southern Charm​

Health Information:
DM Carrier - bred to Gunner, all puppies will be DM Free or DM Clear, either way, the puppies will not get DM
vWD Clear
EIC Clear

Savannah had six puppies August 11, 2017. She had another bout of a uterine infection and was found to have a problem with her uterus, required another emergency C-section again, so was spade. After caring for this litter, she will be retired to my husband's aging crew for the ranch, which she will love.
I never breed just to get puppies out of the mom, I always put her and the baby's health first.
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If Corgis seem like magical dogs to you, you may not be surprised to learn that in Welsh folklore, they actually are magical. Legend has it that Corgis served as mounts for fairy warriors patrolling the forests of Wales. The pattern of a Corgi's coat is supposed to show the outline of the saddles and harnesses the fairies used to ride their Corgi steeds.

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