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We wanted to let you know that we offer the BEST Corgi Puppy services in Ellensburg . 

We have a lot of fun here.

M-F  9am-5pm
Sat   11am-4pm
Sun  Closed
Special Orders

You can special order a hog, a lamb, a calf or a turkey.  All of our animals are well fed, grown with love and have a happy home.
Annie, Bella, Jasmine, Lilly, and Savannah are retired and have joined my husband's cattle operation, which they love!
Call for details.
All litters right now are sold. My wait list is about nine months long, pending Mother Nature of course.
 Diamond and Windy are retired as of this fall.
Abby, Reba, Sierra, and Willow are my new girls for 2019. I am adding a new boy (Moon-ka) early this next spring for 2019 production. I will be adding a page for Willow and Moon-ka in the next several weeks. Both are DM clear/EIC clear/vWD clear. 
Orchard / alfalfa mix hay is available for sale.  I have several contacts for hay. Please visit my Hay for sale page for contact information of other hay growers I know. Due to the drought and increased size of our herd, we are currently not selling hay.
We usually have lambs every spring which will be for sale for butcher later this next summer.  Please call for details and to reserve your farm fresh lamb today.  Cheaper than in the stores! Selling for $2.50 per pound plus the cost of cutting/wrapping  509-899-1139
Some people are saying that my email is not working, so just in case............ 

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 If you are a Facebook person, you can join our Alumni Group if you search for 
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