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Please use the box above to pay on your puppy, hay, lambs, turkeys, etc.  Please just note in the comment box what you are paying for and if it is a puppy, which litter you prefer (no guarantees due to future events that may occur) and if you want a male, or a female.  

Selection of a debit/credit card will process your payment through PayPal, or you may send a check for the deposit, but the balance must be paid in cash at the time you pick up your animal.

Puppies require a $100 non-refundable deposit which applies to the purchase price and your deposit never expires.  For 2017, the price is $1100 or $1300 as described below (for limited registration) due to the increasing vet costs. This price includes micro-chips, first two shots, worming, a vet certificate of health, tail cropping and dew claws. Payments can be made of any amount from that point until you pick up your puppy when the balance is due in full, or wait to pay the balance when you pick up your puppy (payments then require cash only).  They sell quickly and are picked by the new owners based on payment order dates (first paid = first choice). 

If you want breeding rights, there is an additional $500 fee (for full/open registration). 2017 pricing will be set at $1100 for pets (limited registration) and $1600 for breeding dogs (full/open registration) for Ellie and Savannah. The other girls are all at $1300 for pets and $1800 for breeding dogs. All puppies will be either DM clear or DM free.

Lambs require a $100 deposit. I use CJ's Meats in Toppenish, WA.  When the meat gets delivered there, you can call to tell him the desired cuts, and you would responsible to pick up the meat from CJ's and to pay him for the butchering/meat processing fees.  The cost of the lamb due to me would be for live weight at $3.25 per pound.

Turkey weights range from 28 - 40+ pounds (dressed out).  The price is the same no matter what weight they are, live $65 and processed, ready for your freezer $80.  They will be ready in Sept/Oct for pickup. A full payment is required when ordered.

Beef can be sold in two different ways, you may purchase a calf in October of any year, at the current market price from the Toppenish Livestock Market.  This is a live weight per pound price.  A deposit to hold a steer for you would be required, please call for details.

You may also purchase a beef ready for butcher.  This will also be based upon live weight and current market price.  Please call for details.

We do not give our animals any additives or hormone implants.  They are given their annual shots and are treated if they incur an injury or an illness (very rare).  The beef are grass fed and the lambs and turkeys receive grain and a high quality hay and/or pasture.  Due to the local coyotes, we do keep our turkeys in a secure pen.

Hay is due in cash at time of pickup, or two days prior to pick up if you pay via this online service.  You need to be prepared to load your hay, as we do not load it for you.
Livestock Sales Policy (Puppies are handled differently, scroll to the bottom for information/policy on puppies)

A nonrefundable down payment of 50% is required for any of Flying M Ranch animals (except puppies) that you want to reserve, unless otherwise specified. All animals must be picked up within 14 days of sale or when weaned. 

Payment must be received within 5 business days to hold the animal or it/they will be added back to the current sales list or retained by the Flying M Ranch. At the time of pickup, the balance due must be paid in cash, use the online web payment system two days PRIOR to picking up your animal.

At the time of sale, an agreed upon pickup date will be determined by the Seller and Buyer. If the animal is not picked up within 14 days of the agreed upon date, the Buyer forfeits the animal as well as the down payment. The animal will be added back to the current sales list or retained by the Flying M Ranch. 

If the Seller agrees to a new pickup date (for an additional 14 days), a $2 per head per day charge is incurred on all small livestock animals and a $5 per head per day charge is incurred on cattle for the additional time period. After the additional 14 days, the Buyer forfeits the animal as well as the down payment and the animal will be added back to the current sales list or retained by the Flying M Ranch. 

The Buyer must provide adequate fencing, food, care, shelter and fresh water for the animals. It is not acceptable to keep animals tied-out. We care about our animals and want/expect them to be cared for appropriately. If for any reason, you are unable to keep the animal (dog, turkey, lamb, cow, etc.) please let us know so we can arrange to pick up the animal and find them a new home. We NEVER want our animals to end up in an animal shelter.

Goats and sheep will be sold in pairs only unless it is determined that the Buyer already has goats/sheep. 

All livestock are sold "AS IS". All sales are final. Because we cannot control stress that may occur as a result from transport, the animal's environment or management once they leave the farm, we are not responsible for any transport stress, illness, death or their development. We cannot offer guarantees. You have the right to have any animal you purchase examined at our farm by a Veterinarian at your expense prior to pick up.
Puppies need to be picked up by the time they are eight weeks old. If left longer, a kennel fee will be applied at $17 per day and will also be due before you may pick up your new puppy. They are at a critical age for bonding at 8 weeks old, with their new family. 

We carry a different guarantee on our puppies. Your puppy is guaranteed for a full year against illnesses, death, etc.  If there are any congenital problems, if verified/documented by a licensed Veterinarian, then I will take the puppy back and give you first choice on the next litter for a replacement for up to two years. To date, we have not had any health issues reported to us that can be attributed to congenital defects.
Yes, we do accept credit cards and e-checks through PayPal. This is a safe, easy, and fast method of payment. 

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